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Mobile Society

April 5, 2014 by eric  
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In today’s mobile society, it’s rare to find folks who’ve not relocated. Millions change their home addresses each year, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl. Among the top states to move to are Oregon, South Carolina and North Carolina, according to recently published moving data by United Van Lines. Career and lifestyle changes are often the driving force, the annual migration study continued. Reasonable living costs, thriving economies and, of course, fantastic weather appeal to singles as well as to families.

The movers Jacksonville, Fl., pointed out that, because of these state’s milder climates, many recreational activities and celebrations happen yearlong.

Ranked 10th in size in the United States, Oregon offers a host of activities including the Portland Rose Festival, a major event. There’s the world-class Peter Britt Music Festival and the internationally- acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Silver Falls State Park features 10 magnificent waterfalls.

From fishing tournaments to art festivals to balloon launches, South Carolina has it all. There’s also the legendary Darlington Raceway which welcomes NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races, and, in Aiken, S.C., there is the traditional Triple Crown with flat racing, steeplechase and polo.

North Carolina boasts the highest mountains on the east coast. It has 300 miles of beaches and two of the most-visited attractions in the National Park Service: the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains. Cape Hatteras holds the title for the country’s first national seashore.

No matter where you choose to live, the movers Jacksonville, Fl., will get you there.

Large Load Movers

March 30, 2014 by eric  
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What does someone need with a moving truck? Answer: to stuff all the household belongings of a just-sold, 5,000-square-foot Georgian colonial in a suburb south of Boston and transport to a neighboring community in another state. The movers Jacksonville, Fl., said that, while some challenges are the same no matter the size of the load or how great the distance, bigger moves present a number of challenges that are almost impossible for non-professionals. Think of the large-scale furniture in homes of that size, such as a 50-inch TV, super-sized couches, entertainment center, dining room table and eight chairs to go with it, desks, paintings, piano and carpets.
It’s a daunting task, said the movers Jacksonville, Fl. What happens is that folks think they can get an army of helpers to help them move. It’s our experience that such a decision often boomerangs, said the movers. People just aren’t used to carrying large pieces of furniture down stairs or maneuvering them through hallways. Then there’s the gazillion number of boxes that must go. Not to mention bicycles and lawn statues.
“It’s almost embarrassing to think back and realize that I thought we might move our belongings without professionals,” said James Russell. He rationalized that he didn’t have that much stuff and family members had volunteered to help. He figured: why waste money?
As moving day drew closer, he realized he wanted professionals to get his personal belongings out the door. Calling the movers Jacksonville, Fl., turned out to be the best way to go.

Quick Ways to Make Your Move Easier

October 3, 2012 by eric  
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Moving is a hassle. Putting everything you own into boxes or crates and carrying it from one place to another is, let’s face it, a lot of work. There are some ways to make your move a little less hard, however. Follow some of these quick and easy tips, and moving doesn’t have to feel so monumental.

1. Get help.

Whether you are moving to an apartment, into a new house, or from one office space to another, get moving help. Family and friends are fine, but professional movers can make sure that your property is packed efficiently, and that it arrives in good condition.

2. Buy moving insurance.

Moving insurance, especially if you are using a moving service, can be a load off of your mind. Understanding the moving insurance is also important, so take the time to get a good explanation of exactly what it is you are purchasing.

3. Consider where you are going.

If you are moving to a warmer climate, you probably don’t need to take all of your winter weather clothes or the hardcore weatherization kit you had stored in the garage. Think about what you will actually need in your new home and sell or give away those items that are unnecessary. This can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to making your actual move.

Popular Cities for Movers in the US Might Surprise You

October 3, 2012 by eric  
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People move for a variety of reasons. They move due to a work opportunity or job transfer. Sometimes they move to get closer to a better school system or an area that is safer for their children. Sometimes physical ailments necessitate moving to a warmer climate or to an area with more opportunities for physical recreation. Whatever the reason, most people, in North America that is, move at least once during their lives.

In the United States, there are a few cities that receive a greater influx of new citizens than others based on studies performed each year. The most popular cities to move to in the US might surprise you. If you are considering taking a trip around the US, make sure you visit some of the popular cities listed below. Each has its own unique personality, and each one will tell you something new about America.

1. Houston, Texas

2. Seattle, Washington

3. Boston, Massachusetts

4. New York, New York

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moving to Orange Park, Florida

September 26, 2012 by eric  
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Those who are tired of living with the four seasons are opting for moving to a warmer climate. Warm weather affords the resident to enjoy two seasons of sunshine and rain, the predominant sunshine affords the opportunity to bask on sun-kissed beaches and warm waters.

If you are moving to Orange Park, FL it would be best to do your research first before you even call the movers. Thoroughly research the areas you are hoping to relocate to; there is only so much the vacation brochures will tell you about a particular state. Authentic reviews about your new location will come from residents of the area and this information can usually be found with a simple search on city specific message boards. It is there that one can read unbiased reviews about the location and prior and current residence also provides information on the crime rates, bus service, etc.

To lighten your load during the move, you may want to also have a garage sale or donate some of your winter coats to an organization that can pass it on to its members. While going through your clothing, it would be wise to hang on to your light jackets and coats as even the warmer states experience cold fronts during the colder months. Similarly, summers in some of these warm weather states can also get humid; remember to always walk with your bottles of water and of course sunscreen.

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